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Our LocationMotilal Nehru Road, Agra

The school is spread across a large area with ample space for outdoor and indoor facilities. Apart from imparting bookish knowledge, students are provided proper facilities for sports and cultural activies like singing, dancing and others. Teachers pay close attention to each and every student to ensure their overall mental and physical skills are developed together.

At R S Public School, we have a strict discipline for students as well as teachers which includes a dress code/uniform, avoidance of wearing of valuable items, proper conduct during school hours, maintenance of attendence and appearing in exams, following of school timings and obeying of all predefined rules and regulations of the school. Parents are also asked to follow go through the rules and ensure their child follows them well in the school. The school management team, principal and director sir are supportive to all and they ensure operation of school is smooth. They try to ensure that both students as well as employees are healthy and in best frame of mind while in school.

Our Salient Feature:

  • 01We Create 100% Education Bright Future of your Child.
  • 02Highly comptent staff Members.
  • 03Highly discipline environment for all.
  • 04Remedial classes for weak students.
  • 05Good Communication by student in English.
  • 06Lush green campus with airy classroom.
  • 07The school adopts activity oriented methodology to make learning easy.
  • 09Hi-Tech computer lab.
  • 10Free Computer education.
  • 11Pure Drinking Water.
  • 12Music room.
  • 13Science Lab.