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Exam Shedule

Junior: Class I - V

Student's oral and written work will be assessed.
  • 01One Unit test will be conducted in each subject in each term.
  • 02For promotion students are required to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in each subject.
  • 03A Marks system is used for all subjects.
  • 04Students are required to appear for all the tests and exams.
  • 05Promotion will be based on the total of all the tests and exams.

Senior: Class VI-XII

  • 01Promotions are decided on the results of the two examinations and the tests conducted during the year.
  • 02Students are required to appear for all the examinations and tests as scheduled.
  • 03Tests or examinations are not conducted for absentees.
  • 04In order to be declared passed at the end of the academic year, a student must secure at least 40% marks in each subject.
  • 05Students who fail twice in the same class will be asked to leave the School.
  • 05Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered.
  • 05Students who are found cheating, copying from their companions or using unfair means during examination will be given their Transfer Certificate.